Russian speech therapist online and Skype bilingualism consultant


Hello, my name is Alena.

I am a speech therapist with PhD, consultant on bilingualism, have a professional practice for more than 10 years in Moscow, London and Edinburgh.

I live in the UK for last several years and work for a Russian school. My specialty - children who speak two languages. Internet technology allowed me to expand horizons of my practice. I have developed and successfully applied the program of speech therapy interactive lessons online, including lessons via Skype. During my professional career I have been fortunate to work with more than 50 children with bilingualism.

Speech therapy services provided via Skype:

  • speech therapy and speech development lessons online
  • overcoming speech underdevelopment and speech delay
  • improving auditory perception, sound analysis, rhythm
  • developing better thinking, memory, attention
  • correcting and preventing of disorders related to reading and writing
  • stuttering treatment
  • preparing for school
  • treating dyslexia, alalia

No matter where you are based - in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia or any other country in the world – thus is to be consulted via Skype and get treatment from a Russian speech therapist.

Contact meMy certificates

Алена - специалист по билингвизму и русский онлайн логопед
  • link 2007 Master degree (honours): Speech therapist
  • link 2011 Started practice
    with bilingual kids
  • link 2012 PHD degree (pedagogics)
  • link 2013 Started interactive
    lessons online
  • I want to thank Alena very much. We have been trying to get away from the English "r" with various experts, it happened only with her. Alena proved to be a true professional, competent teacher, sensitive and patient person! Communication through Skype was natural and easy, difficult tasks were accompanied with games.
    Ilona, United Kingdom - Leah's mum
  • Alena precisely identified difficulties we faced as a consequence of bilingualism as well difficulties related to physical features of Misha’s mouth and tongue. She found an individual approach to him, got him interested and motivated to start talking properly. All tasks were interesting and engaging, and Alena’s energy is ever lasting.
    Oxana, USA - Michael's mum